In poker, whether you are playing online on a site like situs QQ or at a local pub, one of the most important deals to a round is the flop. It is your biggest chance to add to the hand you have in front of you. As it relates directly to Texas Hold ‘Em, the flop is a crucial determinant of whether or not you will be able to string together a winning hand. In true Texas Hold ‘Em style, each player is dealt two cards face down. The player will then be able to use these cards to create a combination with the 5 other cards that are shown throughout the round. The format follows a 3-1-1 setting, with the flop being the largest card deal at 3. Post-flop success is where you look to outlast your opponents via hitting on your chances, summoning options based on what you see, or bluffing your way to victory.

When it comes to strategy post-flop, you have to take a few factors into consideration. One of the main factors is spotting a flush or straight draw. For example, if you are looking to succeed with your pocket aces, you are likely going to want to see a random collection of numbers and suits on the flop. Knowing that you have pocket aces, a seven of diamonds, a jack of clubs, and a three of spades might be the best-case scenario for fostering a hand with a winning pair. The advantage comes down to the predictability of what you see. If you spot any succession numbers or 2 or more of the same suit, you can probably predict the betting strategies of the players at the table.

Continuing with predictability, you have to account for what is in your hand first and foremost. If you have stuck around to see the flop, there is likely a reason you held onto your cards. Knowing that the flop holds the biggest percentage of make or break, you can do one of two things: check your hand in hopes of holding out for your percentage or bluff your way past the competition. One of the deepest rooted secrets is to utilize the bluff to bring yourself to victory. This strategy is especially useful when you see random numbers, not in succession, and all different suits on the flop. This is a confusion tactic that really makes players scratch their heads. If you have the guts to lay off the percentages and put your poker face to the test, then the post-flop is your best opportunity to set the tone of bluffing.

Reeling other players in is another tactic that professionals will use post-flop. They will place small bets to keep the action going and reduce the attention to their strong hand. Look out for this tactic as it can spell disaster. The small betting amounts lure a player to believe that they are running with the odds rather than having a good hand. 9 times of out 10 the player that reels has the strongest hand at the table.